During this lesson students will explore the complexity of the women's suffrage movement from it's origins in reform and the abolition movement to it's eventual split from the cause of universal suffrage. Students will gain perspective on the condition of 19th century women and their role in society. Students will hopefully be able to connect the struggle for suffrage with other modern movements for equal rights.

Unit Objective: Students will demonstrate an understanding of the Women’s suffrage movement through using technology and literacy strategies to express the complexity of the movement from its beginnings to its eventual success.

Essential Questions:

1. What inspires people to seek change?

2. Does progress always move in a forward direction?

Anthony and Stanton

Final project: At the end of this unit you will write a 2 page reflection comparing women's rights in 19th Century America and today. Also compare the rights of American women today with women internationally. In your reflection ponder the following questions:

1. How have women's lives improved?

2. Are there ways in which things have not really changed?

3. How are the struggles for women internationally different?

4. How are they the same?

5. What more needs to be done either in the United States or the World?

You will have 1 week to complete your assignment from the date assigned. The final grade will count as a Test.